Guide Information


Guide Information

Cow Creek Ranch not only boasts some of the best fishing around, but also the opportunity to fish with some of the best guides in the industry. Our skilled guides are here to help you experience all that fly fishing Cow Creek has to offer. Please let us know in advance if we can arrange a guided trip for you!

Gregg Flores was born and raised in New Mexico and has been fishing and exploring New Mexico’s waters for over 25 years and guiding on the ranch for 5. When Gregg isn’t fishing, you will most likely find him with a camera in hand trying to capture the beauty of the outdoors through film and photography.

A day on the waters with Gregg: a client should expect to always start the day by being asked what they want out of the trip.  Gregg believes in providing an experience that is based on the clients’ needs and desires for the trip and always has a camera close!

Gregg enjoys that Cow Creek Ranch has a diversity of fish species.  There aren't many places where you can take all major species of trout (brown, rainbow, brook, and cutthroat) in a single day and simultaneously have a chance at the fish of a lifetime.  Gregg also finds the ranch landscapes amongst the most beautiful in the region

Dan Lowe is an outgoing and enthusiastic person that knows how to have fun. He loves to teach and help clients improve on the art of fly-fishing! He will share his knowledge and experience of fly fishing to help assist one’s interest and passions, allowing the client to create the day of a lifetime! His specialty is the ability to understand people.

A day on the water with Dan: a client should expect the use of a creative approach to make the best day on the water for all types. Dan keeps it fun and exciting, while at the same time, providing simple techniques that allow people to learn and excel through their experience, thus potentially catching more fish!! 

Dan loves guiding at Cow Creek Ranch because of its most spectacular setting and the diversity it offers for all types. From hunting big fish in the perfectly structured plunge pools, to casting a size 20 dry to a massive rising rainbow in the lake, CCR has it all. He feels the ranch allows him to provide the ideal day for all types of clients. “Lanier and her staff are top notch and make the experience for all a step above the rest. I always look forward to day at CCR!!”


Matt Pelletier was born and raised in New Mexico where he developed a passion and love for fly fishing trout in still waters and streams. Matt owns FE Media LLC.,, and Tails of Enchantment the free fishing E-Magazine. As you can tell, he lives for fishing, and wants to share his passion with you!

A day on the waters with Matt: a client should expect to get exactly what they want out of the day. Matt can instruct or help to improve skills or just be there to facilitate having the best fishing experience possible. 

Matt loves that Cow Creek Ranch has something for everyone whether it's dry fly fishing, nymphing, or streamer fishing. Some of Matt’s favorite things about Cow Creek are that it offers the ability to sight fish in the summer and ice fish with flies in the winter.

Wes Dyer, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and avid angler, has been fishing the beautiful waters of New Mexico since age 8.  Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Wes returned to NM with a fire to chase local legendary fish, and accomplish his dream of becoming a professional guide.  Wes is also Founder and CEO of Awol Angler, a local Non-Profit organization which facilitates getting our nation’s combat veterans on NM waters for a day of guided fly fishing at no expense to the veteran, in an attempt to share his passion and the healing experience of fly fishing.

A day on the water with Wes: Wes thoroughly enjoys sharing his passion for fly fishing, and improving the anglers’ skill after a day with him on the water.  Wes will keep the fish biting and the laughter flowing throughout your day, to achieve a well- rounded angling experience during your time at Cow Creek Ranch, and maybe throw in a few good stories from his time spent guiding in the Ruby Valley, Montana.

Wes most enjoys guiding at Cow Creek Ranch because of the solitude and beauty of the ranch. It is an angling experience on fantastic water, with a variety of trout species, streams and ponds, tucked into the Pecos high country, where a personal relationship with his client can be achieved, while creating life lasting memories.

George Stumpff has been a part of the Cow Creek Ranch family for over thirty years, serving as wrangler, musician, and fishing guide. He has extensive knowledge of fly fishing, as he has been on the waters for over fifty years, and guiding for thirty five of those. He was born in Santa Fe and raised in the Pecos area. George is also an artist, silversmith, and big game hunting guide.

A day on the waters with George: a client can expect to learn specific information about flies and fly fishing techniques, as well as a first hand history of the area. He hopes to relay his passion for the rich past of Cow Creek.

George enjoys Cow Creek Ranch because of the privacy of the waters, with a large area to fish both stream and lakes, and the variety of species that are available. He also values working with guests from all over the country who come to enjoy the fishing.

John Thompson has been fishing New Mexico waters since the age of ten, and guiding for the last five years. After receiving a bachelor degree in Business Administration, he began travelling extensively in search of big game and prime trout fishing.  Instilling his love for the outdoors in others is John's passion.

A day on the waters with John: a client should expect efficient and common sense direction in order to relay what may seem to be a complex sport into an easy going and enjoyable experience. At the end of the day, it should have been a pleasant, informative, and exciting day on the water.

John enjoys the serenity of Cow Creek Ranch, as well as the diverse fishing opportunities that allow anyone from a beginner to an advanced angler to feel challenged on the waters.

Jerry Burton has been fishing for about sixty-one years, and became seriously interested in fly fishing while he was working as a fisheries biologist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 1971. He has been guiding trips for the last fifteen years. Jerry's work with the Fish and Wildlife Service has brought him all over the country. He resided in Oklahoma, North Carolina, Washington, Arizona, before finally moving to New Mexico seventeen years ago.

A day on the waters with Jerry: a client can expect no shortage of laughter and information. Jerry is known for his extensive knowledge of entomology and plant life at Cow Creek Ranch, and has plentiful stories to share about his adventures throughout the years.

Jerry enjoys Cow Creek Ranch simply for the atmosphere and the people who both work and play at the Ranch.

The following guides are also available to take out guided fishing trips upon request:

Nikolas Adler

Ben Castellano

Jake Clemens

Scott Davis

Isaac Dean

Louie Gonzalez

Wayne Grant

Harry Lane

Jesse Lee

Norman Maktima

Peter Mosey

Nick Nielsen

Gene Pacheco

Ricardo Salazar

Doc Thompson

Tad Tucker

Ivan Valdez